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Research is used to unlock new Weapons, Gadgets, Buildings, Car Stats, Perks, Companions, and Permanent Boosts.

The Research Tree[]

Each unlock has an associated Tech Card, upon researching the Tech, the unlock will be available for all future games. All Techs are grouped into categories of Research called Expertises.


Techs Expertise Progression
Expertise Starter Mid Mastery Previous Next
Mechanical Factory Sniper Rifle, Sniper Turret, Spring Wall, Stopping Power, Stopping Power Boost, Smart Bullets Boost, Solid Foundation, Solid Foundation Boost Bullet Resistance Automobility, Turrets, Boosts
Lasers Laser Gun Laser Turret, Precision Welding Energy
Fire Flamethrower Flame Turret, Flaming Drifts Fire Resistance Explosives
Automobility Car Armor Acceleration, Repair Rate, Second Wind, Preferential Impact, Preferential Impact Boost Mechanical Companions
Turrets Extraordinary Axiation Extraordinary Axiation Boost, Supreme Sight Boost Mechanical
Boosts Carpenter Boost Junk Scavenger Boost, Part Scavenger Boost, Techie Boost, Mad Scientist Boost Arsenal Boost Mechanical
Energy Concentrated Fire Concentrated Fire, Concentrated Fire Boost, Beam MG, Beam MG Turret, Beam Rifle, Beam Turret, Lightning Rod Energy Resistance Lasers Fields
Fields Repair Fields Repair Fields, Teleporter, Shields, Component Scanning, Cushioning Field Energy
Explosives Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher, Grenade Turret, Danger Close, Danger Close Boost, Smart Explosions, Smart Explosions Boost Explosive Resistance Fire Rocketry
Rocketry Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher, Rocket Turret, Boosters, Seeking Rockets Explosives
Companions Minicar Copter, Boop, Tank Automobility