Defense Overdrive Wiki

Repair Guns are devices which are able to repair Buildings, and Companions. Repairing is done through an energy curve () which utilizes a similar mechanism to welding (colloquially known as "The Repair Noodle").

The Player's Repair Gun (How To Repair Buildings and Companions)[]

The player's Repair Gun is attached to the back of The Car. It can be used to repair Buildings, and Companions, but not The Car itself.

Repair Buildings:[]

  1. Touch and hold around that building (typically with your index finger).
  2. The energy beam will slowly connect with the building.
  3. The building's health bar will appear and the repair gun begins repairing it at an increasing rate as it charges up.
  4. Release the touch once the health bar is full.

Repair Companions:[]

Same steps as for repairing buildings, but some companions won't necessarily sit still while you're trying to repair them (Minicar in particular).