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The Tutorial[]

Apocalypse Girl

Apocalypse Girl

The tutorial takes place over the first 5 rounds of the game. Throughout the tutorial Apocalypse Girl walks the player through how to drive, shoot, repair, and build.

The pre-game tutorial happens on round 0, mostly teaching the controls, after which The Invaders begin attacking and round 1 starts. The remainder of the tutorial consists of quests and other dialogues between rounds, until the player's first death.

Pre-Game Tutorial[]

# Dialogue Description
1 Hey Rookie Apocalypse Girl introduces the player, noting that they're the new Guardian of the outpost. The Guardian's job is to protect the outpost from The Invaders.
2 How Driving Apocalypse Girl walks the player through driving with the Left Joystick, and directs them to various waypoints. This is where the Left Joystick and the Map are first revealed.
3 How Shooting .. directs the player to shooting trash cans with the Right Joystick. At the end of the dialogue a prompt to resize / move the joysticks is given.
4 How Collision .. directs the player to run over trash cans throughout the arena.
5 How Repair Car The health bars for the Car and The Garage are revealed at the top left corner. The Car has taken some damage from the trash cans so the player is directed to drive inside The Garage to repair their car. While inside, the car's health is restored.
6 How Repair Gun Woah! There's a shake and an indicator showing that a Machine Turret has taken damage. The turret is smoking and its health is low. Touch and holding around the turret activates the Repair Gun to slowly restore its health.
7 How Level 1 3 strong shakes occur, and it's revealed that The Invaders are attacking. This transitions into Round 1.

Round 1 to 5[]

After rounds 1 to 5 there are Quests and Dialogues to teach both habits, and the other aspects of the game.


Quests and triggered after each round during the tutorial, before any dialogues on that round. They are more casual, providing general tasks that must been completed without directing through each individual step. Repair Car, and Repair Base occur every round if they've taken damage. The other Quests occur only once on specific rounds.

Quest Condition Completion
Repair Car The Car is Damaged. Driving inside The Garage to repair your car.
Repair Base The Garage is Damaged. Repair The Garage by touch and holding around it.
Build Turrets Round 3 Build 3 Turrets to protect The Garage.
Build Armory Round 4 Build The Armory.
Get A New Gun Round 4, after The Armory is built. Drive inside The Garage, and tap the icon at the top right to enter the Garage Menu.


The remainder of the tutorial teaches further aspects of the game such as Building, upgrading buildings, and crafting Weapons in the Garage Menu.

# Round Dialogue Description
8 1 How To Build Apocalypse Girl walks through how to construct Buildings from the Build Menu.
9 1 How Move And Remove .. directs to tap on the newly constructed Ball Spinner to open up the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector shows details and stats about the building, as well as controls to Move, Remove, Configure, and Clone.
10 3 How Upgrade Build .. directs to open up the Building Inspector for one the Turrets, and shows how buildings can be upgraded to higher tiers to increase their stats.
11 4 How Weapon With The Armory built, its menu is now available in the Garage Menu. The player is walked through crafting a Shotgun, then upgrading one of its stats.