Defense Overdrive Wiki

Gadgets are helpful tools which you can attach to your car and provide unique abilities.

Image Gadget Description Component


Boinger Bounces you and/or whatever it touches. Scrap10Gear3
Boosters Can be activated to briefly apply a strong amount of forward thrust. Scrap10Accelerant10
Emergency Cushion Detects if it is about to collide with a wall at high velocity and applies a cushioning force to slow you and prevent the impact. Scrap30Gear10CircuitBoard10
Grappling Hook Launches out and hooks to the first thing it collides with, then retracts, pulling you and/or that grappled object. Scrap10Gear10
Radar Provides an early warning of potential collisions. Scrap20Gear5CircuitBoard5
Shield Can be activated to briefly generate a shield which deflects projectiles. Scrap20Gear5CircuitBoard1QuantumResonator1
Plow Use it to plow through enemies, it provides you resistance to collision damage. Scrap100