Defense Overdrive Wiki

Companions are small allies which can be crafted to assist with repairing, collecting, and destroying The Invaders. Companions can be unlocked from the Companions Expertise once the player has beaten round 20.

Companion Description Cost
MiniCar Minicar Little car that tries to do everything you do. It can drive, shoot, and repair. Scrap100Gear25CircuitBoard25XenoSkeleton25
CompanionIcon Copter Healing companion 'copter! Scrap100Gear25CircuitBoard25XenoSkeleton25
Boop Boop Drives very fast in short bursts to launch the enemies he collides with. Scrap100Gear25CircuitBoard25XenoSkeleton25
Tank Tank Very powerful; Good at destroying enemies. Scrap200Gear50CircuitBoard50XenoSkeleton200