Defense Overdrive Wiki

There are many buildings which can be constructed in to improve, fortify, and defend your base from The Invaders. The 3 categories of buildings are General, Structural, and Defense.


Build Menu Button

To construct a building, open the Build Menu with the icon at the top right. Select the building, and - provided you have the necessary Components - click Build. You'll then have to drag the building to place it in a valid location, and finally click the checkmark icon to place it.

General Buildings[]

General buildings provide utility and support.

Building Description Component


Armory Required for building and upgrading weapons. Unlocks the Armory tab in the Garage Menu. Scrap50Gear5QuantumResonator1
Factory Produces your choice of component intermittently. Scrap30Gear10
Collector Attracts and collects components. Scrap20CircuitBoard1
Repair Tower Emits a field which will repair your car and other buildings when in range. Scrap25CircuitBoard1QuantumResonator10
Teleporter Can be linked between other Teleporters to instantly transport you between them. Scrap20CircuitBoard2QuantumResonator1

Structural Buildings[]

Structural buildings, consist of walls and ramps and are used as to fortify The Garage and other Buildings

Buildings Description
Wall Full-size wall, high enough to stop projectiles. Scrap10
Half-Wall Half-size wall, short enough that you can still shoot over it. Scrap5
Spring Wall Walls that can be sprung down, either automatically or manually. Scrap10Gear3
Ramp A ramp, the same height as a Half-Wall. Scrap20

Defensive Buildings[]

Building Description Damage Type Component Cost
Ball Spinner Spins a ball around, damaging anything it smashes into. Collision Scrap20
Machine Turret A Turret with a Machine Gun. Bullet Scrap30Gear10CircuitBoard1
Shotgun Turret A Turret with a Shotgun. Bullet Scrap60Gear20CircuitBoard5
Beam Turret A Turret with a Beam Rifle. Energy Scrap15Gear10CircuitBoard1QuantumResonator15
Beam MG Turret A Turret with a Beam MG. Energy Scrap15Gear20CircuitBoard1QuantumResonator15
Laser Turret A Turret with a Laser. Energy Scrap15Gear10CircuitBoard1QuantumResonator15
Flame Turret A Turret with a Flamethrower. Fire Scrap30Gear15CircuitBoard1Accelerant10
Grenade Turret A Turret with a Grenade Launcher. Explosive Scrap50Gun Powder25Accelerant25
Rocket Turret A Turret with a Rocket Launcher. Explosive Scrap50Gear15Accelerant15